Bucket Elevators

Bucket elevators are used for conveying of production in the vertical direction. They can be made with the circuit on which are mounted plastic containers or rubber band, which is made together with the pots.

Bucket elevators are one of the most popular machines today. The stable work and the possibility of vertical transportation make the bucket elevator a preferred choice in any industry.

Suitable for transport by bucket elevators are non-abrasive, non-sticky and fine-grained bulk materials or piece goods.

Although the bucket elevator is considered as a traditional conveyor, it continuously improved with improvements in the shape and size of the pots, design, capacity and others. This increases production capacity and time to use bucket elevators.

Unlike earlier models elevators, which use small, flat steel buckets, nowadays modern bucket elevators with plastic buckets with rounded bottoms. They are lighter, which in turn uses less energy, more comfortable and easy to use.

Most bucket elevators can carry loads vertically or at an incline of 60 degrees. When fully vertical transportation achieves higher speed compared to elevators that run obliquely. For help speed centrifugal forces.

Advantages of bucket elevators

Used in many industries
High capacity transmission
Transportation of high altitude (60 meters)
Stable and reliable speed transport
Suitable for transportation of bulk and close-grained, non-abrasive materials
Suitable for transport of unit loads


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