Belt conveyors

Belt conveyor from Silozni Sistemi

Belt conveyor from Silozni Sistemi

Belt conveyors – the most widely used conveyors in the modern world. They are extremely popular and are used in every industry, production, and logistics. They are also called elevators or belt elevators.

Belt conveyors have great flexibility in their variations. Different widths and lengths are available. The conveyor belt can be of different material – rubber belt, chevron, smooth belt, there is a possibility for partitions of different shapes and slopes. The tape can be made of PVC, which makes it suitable for the food industry. There are plate strips, metal strips that are suitable for high temperatures, and more. The variety is great, so it fits perfectly into a variety of production processes.

Belt conveyors can work for a long time in a continuous process and achieve very large capacities. They are suitable both outdoors and indoors.

Belt conveyors with different design constructions

Belt conveyors can be of different design construction. Each conveyor consists of several basic elements:

Conveying belt

Rubber drums






According to individual needs can be added:



Cleaning devices

Electrical control, etc.


Advantages of a belt conveyor


Transport of various bulk materials – feed, mixtures, flour, cereals, sawdust, ash, solid waste and more.

Transport of larger materials in terms of volume and weight – cartons, bottles, tires, packages, etc.

Possibility for transport at high temperature

Transport at an angle

With the greatest application in any industry


Belt conveyors are one of the most suitable transport equipment that can automate production processes and that you can rely on.

Individual design with exactly the necessary dimensions and tailored technical features to your purpose ensure that your belt conveyor will serve you flawlessly.


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