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About Silozni Sistemi Ltd.

About the beginning of Silozni Sistemi Ltd.

At the beginning of 2012 came the idea, and a little later the same year Silozni Sistemi Ltd. came to light. The team started with a great desire and zeal, though a little uncertain at first. More than five years later Silozni Sistemi Ltd. now offers complete solutions for storage and transportation of production.

Silozni Sistemi Ltd. is located in Europe, Bulgaria. The name “Silozni Sistemi” means Silo Systems.

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What Silozni Sistemi Ltd. produce?

The main activity is a complete design and manufacture of storage, transportation and ventilation systems for proper handling and storage of products.

The portfolio includes design and manufacture of:

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Consulting, Design, Manufacturing and Fast shipment

That receive every client when working with us. We talk about the projects and the use of machines, we design them, make them working and shipping on time, so the conveyor could start its new work fast.

Why choose Silozni Sistemi Ltd.?

We believe and offer established and workable solutions, but fully consistent with the needs of each client. You will not get another offer just something that we have available. We will not “foist” machine, and then the customer is doing as it sees fit regardless of whether it works.

On the contrary, we will start with asking questions (many questions 😉 ). Why? The answer is because we have to know how the business of the client works. That give us the opportunity to understand the specifics and know what the customer wants to achieve as a result. Only this way we could think along with him and find the most appropriate solution.

For example, at first glance, a screw conveyor may seem appropriate to the case, but after more careful consideration may be that the belt conveyor would be a better long-term investment.

We provide individual project, consultation, working machines, and guarantee. 

The Team of Silozni Sistemi Ltd.

The team caution and professionalism to every customer. Top priorities are our personal advice on the best and most appropriate solution, individual attention to each client and detail, quality and rapid implementation of the project. Аn integral part of the team are:

A team of designers and engineers

These are people who do basic schemes of drawing on paper their comprehensive project. This project has all the technical calculations and is fully consistent with the laws of physics and mechanics. Thanks to them all augers, grain transporters, elevators and conveyors work long and reliably.

… And people helping everything happens

And all the other people on the team who contribute daily to each machine turns drawing from a real functioning device.

We are here and we will be up to you when your production starts and grows up!