Screw conveyors

The screw conveyor is established and secure facility in many sectors of modern industry.

Screw conveyor consists of a screw spiral lying around the shaft fitted in a tube. Its main purpose is to transport liquid and bulk products – feed mixes, flour, cereals and more.

It is possible to be used for more precise unloading vertical silos, since stopping the mechanical movement of the axle stops and unloading. It is also used as a press release of fluid from the determined mass.

Recommended service table temperature to 75-80 degrees. The screw conveyors are suitable for transmission and abrasive materials such as sand, metal shavings and others.

The transfer rate of the volume in the screw conveyors is proportional to the rotational speed of the shaft. If necessary, increase the volume of transported material is possible to easily achieve an increase in capacity and performance by increasing speed.

Screw conveyors can be used for vertical transportation or transmission of material obliquely. When space allows, it is a very economical method of increasing the capacity of transportation.

Sweep auger

Used skimmers produce at the bottom of the shaft, hopper, silo, etc. Sweep auger is flexible, and the main movements are on the bottom of the space. Thus pushes the rest of the bottom production to transport the facility, which in turn unloads a given room.

Flexible screw conveyor

The flexible screw conveyor (flexible screw) serves service of larger materials. Provision for automatic feeding pellets, coal and others. to the combustion chamber.

Advantages of the screw conveyor

  • Transportation of liquid and bulk materials – cement, feed mixes, flour, grain, sawdust, ash, solid waste and others.
  • Transport of abrasive materials – sand, concrete and others.
  • Possibility of transportation at high temperature – 80 degrees
  • Transportation slope
  • Augers are safe and practical solution
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