Screw conveyors

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Screw conveyors

The screw conveyors consist of a helical spiral located around a shaft and equipped with a tube. Its main purpose is to transport liquid and bulk products – feed, mixtures, flour, cereals, and more. The screw conveyor is a classic and secure facility in many branches of modern industry.

You can use it for more precise unloading of vertical silos because when the mechanical movement of the shaft stops, the unloading also stops. It is also used as a press for separating liquid from a certain mass.

It’s recommended for the transport of materials with temperatures up to 75-80 degrees. They are also suitable for transporting abrasive materials such as sand, sawdust, etc.
The volume transfer speed of screw conveyors is proportional to the shaft rotation speed. When it is necessary to increase the volume of transported material, it is possible to easily achieve an increase in capacity and productivity by increasing the speed.

Screw conveyors can be used for vertical transport or transport of materials at an angle. Consequently, this is a very economical method of increasing transportation capacity.

Advantages of a screw conveyor


Transport of liquid and bulk materials – feed, mixtures, flour, cereals, sawdust, ash, solid waste and more.

Transport of abrasive materials – sand, concrete, etc.

Possibility for transport at high temperature – 80 degrees

Transport at an angle

Safe and practical solution


Types of screw conveyors

Screw conveyors can be categorized according to type and purpose. The types of screw conveyors are:

      Tubular screw conveyor

Many different industries and manufacturers use a tubular screw conveyor. It is standardized, but with many options and variations.

      U-type screw conveyor

Its name comes from the shape in which the screw spiral is located – namely as a trough or in the shape of the letter U. Therefore this make the U-type screw conveyor reinforced and suitable for wet and sticky mixtures.

      Sweep auger

It is used for harvesting products at the bottom of the shaft, hopper, silo, etc. The sweeping auger is movable, the main movements being at the bottom of the room. In this way the remaining production is pushed to the bottom of the transport facility, which as a result turn unloads the room.

Individual design with exactly the necessary dimensions and tailored technical features to your purpose ensure that your screw conveyor will serve you flawlessly.

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