Sweep auger

Sweep augers

The name of the conveyors comes from their purpose – namely to move the products to the silo. Another popular name by which they are known is unloading augers. Sweeping augers are mounted on the bottom of flat silos. Usually up to about 90% of the silo capacity is emptied by gravity separation. Then the sweeping auger becomes irreplaceable. It rotates 360 degrees around the base of the silo and assists in the process of emptying the remaining silo products.

Application of sweep augers

Sweeping (unloading) augers are used to remove:



products in the silo


Each sweep auger from Silozni Sistemi Ltd. have

Screw spiral with shaft

Motor on Motovario or Motive


For each auger Silozni Sistemi Ltd. offers

Full warranty 12 months

Individual technical project

Production within 20 business days

Free delivery in Bulgaria


Technical specifications of sweep augers

The technical characteristics of the sweeping augers vary widely. It is important to keep in mind that the auger is mounted in the center of the silo and the length of the auger is the radius of the silo. The sweeping (unloading) auger can be 3 to 10 meters long and the diameter of the auger spiral to be 130 mm to 350 mm.

Material – carbon steel, stainless steel

Productivity – from 1 to 100 m³

Motor power – from 2,2 kW up to 11 kW

Length from 3 to 10 m

Diameter of the silo from 6 m to 20 m

Diameter of the screw shaft from ∅130 mm to ∅350 mm

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