Slide gate valve inclined mountage

Slide gate valves


Slide gate valves

The slide gate valve is used to control the loading or unloading of bunkers, hoppers and silos. It is suitable for stopping the outputs. The construction can vary in size and materials. Different shapes are possible, but the most commonly used are square, rectangular or round. They can be made of carbon steel with paint, with galvanized coating or from stainless steel AISI 304 or AISI 316. Stainless steel slide is suitable for the food industry, for production with products with higher acidity or others.

Application of slide gate valves

Suitable for control of material from:

hoppers and silos

screw conveyors

chain conveyors, etc.

Technical specifications

Material – carbon steel, galvanized steel or stainless steel

Different shapes – rectangle, square, round

Possibility for equipment to conveyors

Metal housing

Rollers for smooth movement of the closing valve

Mechanical or electrical control

Possibility for angle mounting

Advantages of slide gate valves

Flow control connector

Reliable facility

Optimal price-quality ratio

For each slide gate valve Silozni Sistemi Ltd. offers

Full warranty 12 months

Individual technical project

Production within 20 business days

Free delivery in Bulgaria



We offer personal solutions. It is possible to make a slide fully compliant with the conditions under which it will be installed. Connecting dimensions to the facilities on which it will be installed will be taken into account. Different variations in the additional equipment are possible, etc.


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