Screw mixer

Screw mixer is a very practical option for mixing different materials and transporting them at the same time. The mixer is fed through an inlet and has the option of feeding two or more materials. The rotating auger spirals mix the materials and transport them at the same time.

Materials can be of different densities and particle shapes and sizes are mixed homogeneously without disturbing their integrity. The auger mixer has inspection covers that allow inspection and cleaning if necessary.


The screw mixer from Silozni Sistemi Ltd. has

Two Carbon Steel Screw Spirals

Carbon Steel Trough

Inlet and outlet



Direct mount motors and gearboxes

Motovario or Motive motor and gearbox

* There is a technical project for each conveyor.


For each conveyor Silozni Sistemi Ltd. offers

 Full warranty 12 months

Individual technical project

 Production within 20 business days

Free delivery in Bulgaria


Advantages of a screw mixer

Homogeneous mixing of different materials

Preserving the integrity of the material

Easy maintenance

Optimal price-quality ratio

Technical specifications

The technical characteristics of screw mixers vary widely. It is possible for the mixer to be 1 meter to 20 meters long, and the diameter to be from 300 mm to 900 mm.

Material – carbon steel, stainless steel

Possibility of different coatings – primer, paint, galvanized

Capacity – from 1 to 10 m³

Motor power – from 0.37 to 22 kW

Lenght from 1 to 20 m

Diameter from ∅300 mm to ∅900 mm

Mounting angle – 0-25°


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