U-type Screw Conveyor

U-Type Screw Conveyor

U-Type screw conveyors

The name of the conveyors comes from the shape in which the screw coil is located. The shape is like a trough or similar to the shape of the letter U. Trough augers are widely used in industries because of their strongest feature – namely the ability to transport wet and sticky materials without blocking the system.


Application of U-Type screw conveyors

The U-Type screw conveyors are used to transport:

feed and fodder


pellets, granules, wood chips

sand, concrete

sawdust, etc.


The U-Type screw conveyors from Silozni Sistemi Ltd. have

The U-shaped trough

Screw spiral with shaft

Standard input and output *

Intermediate flanges

Hanging bearings **

Directly mounted gearbox and motor

Motor and gearbox on Motovario or Motive

* Each screw conveyor has a preliminary technical design and it is specified whether they are necessary.

** Added for longer conveyor lengths.


For each conveyor Silozni Sistemi Ltd. offers

Full warranty 12 months

Individual technical project

Production within 20 business days

Free delivery in Bulgaria


Technical specifications of U-type screw conveyor

The technical characteristics of screw conveyors are varying widely. A U-type screw conveyor can be 1 meter to 20 meters long and 60 mm to 350 mm in diameter.

Material – carbon steel, stainless steel

Productivity – from 1 to 220 m³

Motor power – from 0.37 kW up to 22 kW

Length from 1 to 20 m

Diameter from ∅60 to ∅350 mm

Mounting angle – 0-25°

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    In the photos above:

    This is U-Type Screw Conveyor. The used material is Steel and the Conveyor is for the transport of abrasive material Quartz Sand. This U-Type Screw Conveyor is designed to operate only horizontally. Directly coupled motor and gearbox. Time to manufacture – 10 business days.

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