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Bucket elevators are one of the most popular transport facilities today. They are used for the vertical transportation of products. Its stable operation and the possibility of vertical transportation make it a preferred choice in any industry. It is also popular with names such as bucket or bucket elevator. The name comes from the buckets through which the material is transported.

Non-abrasive, non-sticky fine-grained, and powdery materials or single loads are suitable for transport with bucket elevators.

Although the bucket elevator is considered a traditional facility, it is constantly being improved with improvements in the shape and size of the buckets, design, capacity, and more. This increases the production capacity and the operating time of the bucket elevator.

Unlike earlier elevator models, which use small, flat steel buckets, modern bucket elevators now have plastic buckets with rounded bottoms. They are lighter, which uses less energy, more comfortable, and easier to use. Of course, there is the possibility of using metal buckets. They are suitable for heavy production.

Advantages of bucket elevators

Transport of bulk materials – feed, mixtures, flour, cereals, sawdust, ash, solid waste and more.

Suitable for transport of bulk and fine-grained, non-abrasive materials

Large transmission capacity

Transport at high altitude (50 m)

Used in almost all industries


Each bucket elevator includes

Reception section

Unloading section

Plastic or metal buckets

Elevator belt or chain


Directly mounted motor and gearbox

Motovario or Motivi motor


For each bucket elevator Silozni Sistemi offers

Full warranty 12 months

Individual technical project

Production within 20 business days

Free delivery in Bulgaria


Technical specifications of bucket elevators

Capacity from 5 to 200 m³/h

Height from 3 to 50 meters

Possibility of making with rubber elevator belt or chain

Possibility for plastic or metal buckets

Galvanized sheet or steel with primer and paint



Different variations in materials, capacities, lengths, etc. are possible. If you need a bucket elevator with different parameters, please contact us.

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