The belt conveyors are divided into several basic types – rubber, chain and others.

Rubber belt conveyors

The rubber belt conveyors are particularly successful when conveying bulk materials over long distances. The advantage is because it does not require large amounts of energy. They can work on slopes up to 45 degrees. Made opened or closed (sealed) and closed appropriate when necessary to protect Transporting produce from the conditions surrounding transport, with tape or external weather conditions.

Belt conveyors are one of the most powerful and high-performance machines for continuous transport of bulk materials.

Advantages of rubber belt conveyor

      Easy and secure a tension station that occupies little space
      Higher performance with the same bandwidth compared to other types of belt conveyors
      Larger maximum size of the transported material
      Smaller’s operating costs. Possible replacement of the rubber band after 15 years
      Greater resistance to strip in unequal load
      Ability to transport over long distances (over 500 m)


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Chain belt conveyors

The chain conveyors are extremely useful for working in high temperatures, such as assembly line of bakery, or in an oven for baking any type of production that requires additional heat treatment. If necessary belt can be built with coarse chain of stainless steel. In this way the belt can work with great weight on it and it is in aggressive environments.